What services does Diversa offer?

Diversa is a fundraising consultancy firm. We work with charitable organizations to reach their financial objectives through fundraising campaigns.  Please see our services page for more information.


Can Diversa help my organization?

Absolutely. Diversa has worked with organizations in the following sectors: health, community, international development and humanitarian, human rights, mental health, cultural (dance and theatre) and youth.


Do you offer fundraising workshops?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, training is an integral part of an organization’s philanthropic development. Contact us to obtain our full list of fundraising workshops.


Do you accept to be compensated according to a percentage of contributions or by commission?

No. As a member of professional associations (AFP, APGP and CAGP), Diversa does not accept compensation in these forms. These associations’ Professional Code of Ethics stipulates that members cannot accept compensation based on a percentage of contributions; no serious consultant will accept to do so. In addition, Diversa abides by Imagine Canada’s Code of Ethics.

Our honoraries are calculated according to tailor-made services agreed upon with the client. A written mutual agreement will specify the requested services and related honoraries. This will let the client know in advance the cost of a campaign or any other service required.


We’re a small organization with very little financial resources to pay a fundraising professional. How can we have access to your services?

Diversa is very sensitive to this reality. However, to raise money an organization must invest money. In order to remedy this, Diversa will find a payment solution for the organization to benefit from its expertise. We also recommend contacting your local Emploi Quebec office, the CLD or CDEC. They sometimes offer partial financing to hire professional help. Diversa has completed several mandates where honoraries were partially covered by these institutions. Look into it!


Do you only work with large organizations?

No. In fact Diversa has built a reputation of specializing on the needs of small organizations that generally cannot afford a full-time employee dedicated to fundraising. Our services are very well adapted to the reality and needs of small non-profits.


Is Diversa a member of a professional association?

Yes, Diversa is a member of three professional associations:

Association of Fundraising Professionals Quebec division (http://afpquebec.afpnet.org),



Association des professionnels en gestion philanthropique (http://www.apgp.com/apgp.asp?no=42165

Canadian Association of Gift Planners  http://www.cagp-acpdp.org/en/default.aspx